Q: Why is my furniture taking so long / Why will my furniture take so long?

A: The pandemic caused by Covid-19 has affected the furniture industry in ways no one could have anticipated. In 2020 there was an enthusiasm for home improvement and renovations, and purchasing furniture was a huge part of the mania! Retail furniture stores were selling out faster than they could restock, and warehouses across the country were emptied with six months of orders to fill and no way to get the work done. Due to CDC guidelines, as well as continued outbreaks, production was perpetually slower but the demand was much greater, along with large containers being held indefinitely at port, creating an imbalance within our industry that is unprecidented. On top of fore mentioned issues, furniture and bedding production took more hits from natural disasters, such as hurricanes and phenomenal freeze in 2021, affecting the southwest region and causing a raw materials shortage and incurred further delays.

As Watson’s Furniture continues to “weather the storm” we are grateful for our community and loyal customers that have carried us through; as we move forward, we can only guarantee to do our best to inform each customer of what they can expect for the future

Q: What is my Warranty?

A: All items in store $299 and under have a 90-day manufacturer’s warranty, all other items over $299 have a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty. Extended warranties can be purchased at time of purchase.

Q: Can I return my mattress?

A: We only take back mattresses in the case of a manufacturer’s defect, or (sometime after purchasing) for unsatisfactory condition within the warranty standards placed by the mattress provider. We do not take back used mattresses. Once the mattress leaves our facility, it is considered to be a used mattress. We rely on our customers to take their time in carefully choosing which mattress they would like to take home, and as your mattress seller we will take our time to give you as much information and time necessary to make this important choice

Q: Why do I have to have my furniture fixed, why can’t I get a brand new one?

A: As a retail furniture store, we abide and follow the procedures placed by furniture manufacturers. Normal practice, for furniture manufacturers and warehouses, is to provide the individual parts needed to repair most damages/issues of each item before being credited for full replacement, but every warehouse is different as is every issue, and each situation will be considered accordingly.